Managing Your Investment Property

    If you live outside the area & don't want to worry about maintenance, a condominium (called "villas" in the Lowcountry!) might be the best choice for you. You can own island property with no yard maintenance, pool upkeep, etc. For a nominal monthly condo ("regime") fee, the property management company handles all exterior & common area maintenance - landscaping, pool upkeep, repairs, etc.  
    If you prefer a single family residence, we can refer you to several great property managers who can do your landscaping, check your mail, and keep an eye on your house for you.  
    There are also excellent management companies who can manage all aspects of your long- or short-term rentals. They'll take care of everything - advertising, cleaning, negotiating leases - and just send you a monthly rent check, less their negotiated percentage.  

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

    With a tax deferred exchange, you're permitted to sell one investment property at a profit, then reinvest in another without paying capital gains taxes on the first property  
    Ordinarily, you will be taxed on the profit (capital gain) you receive when you sell investment property. In a 1031 exchange, if you sell your property at a profit, you can defer your tax on that profit if you reinvest it in another property within a specified period of time. People often refer to this as a "tax-free exchange" because you can do it over and over again, purchasing more & more valuable properties and deferring the tax in the process.  
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