Top Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Home - Part 2  
How much land do you want and how do you want to use it? Some people like to work in the yard and others would rather have someone else take care of it, or have as little yard as possible to maintain. Some people want to grow exotic trees and plants, while others are happy just with a well trimmed lawn. Some people want lots of land and space between them and their neighbors. Some like wooded lots with plenty of shade; others want a sunny lot to plant a garden.
    Besides just having enough land to fit your needs, you’ll also want to consider how strict the home owners association (if there is one) is about what is “appropriate” for planting in the neighborhood. If you choose to live in a neighborhood with no association, you can plant whatever you want (as long as it’s not illegal). However, some people want everyone in the neighborhood to conform to certain rules so that lawns are always nicely mowed and the whole neighborhood has a consistent & clean appearance. Different strokes for different folks.
What’s the square footage? It doesn’t matter if there are seven bathrooms and eight bedrooms if the square footage is 1200 feet. You’ll not only want enough room to get around reasonably comfortably, but also to store your things.
    How much closet space will you have? Is there enough storage? Keep in mind that location has a big impact on the price per square feet. You will most likely have to weigh square footage against location when deciding between two homes.
How big is the kitchen? Does it fit your needs? Do you like the look of it? Some people love to cook and will value having the best appliances and lots of counter space. Does the layout of the kitchen work for you? Others hate to cook or don’t have the time, so they eat out a lot. Do you like to entertain? As an adjunct to this, will the dining room fit your needs?
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    Part 3  
    In part 3 of this series we'll discuss the importance of price, the condition of the house, the garage, and storage space, particularly as these relate to living in the Low Country.  
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